*Variety Pack of Cupcakes (4 pack, 1 of each flavor)

*Variety Pack of Cupcakes (4 pack, 1 of each flavor)

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4 Pack of Cupcakes

This is the perfect combo when you want to taste them all! Goodbye, FOMO!

Reese’s PB Cup: Chocolate + peanut butter = the perfect combo!  Rich chocolate cake topped with creamy peanut butter frosting, chocolate drizzle and housemade pb cups on top.

Blackberry Coconut: Classic coconut cake topped with creamy vanilla buttercream, house made blackberry jam and coconut topping.  This is a fan favorite for sure!

Lemon Bar: Tangy, smooth and sweet, this is for the lemon lovers out there.  Lemon cake topped with vanilla frosting, lemon bar crumble and house made lemon curd.  Pucker up!

Chocolate Extreme: If chocolate is your love language this is the cupcake for you!  Rich chocolate cake with creamy chocolate mousse frosting, ganache drizzle and chocolate chips. 

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