Create Your Own Cookie Packs to ship October 11th

Create Your Own Cookie Packs to ship October 11th

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SHIP DATE: October 11th

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The perfect option when you LOVE 2 flavors!

Two 6 packs of delicious Keto Cake Cookies delivered to your door. Choose from our 3 flavors or a variety pack, you will get 6 cookies for each choice for a total of 12 cookies. If you choose whoopie pies it is 3 whoopie pies instead of 6 cookies.

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip: A delicious pumpkin cookie packed with chocolate chips.  This limited time cookie is a favorite!

Carameldoodle: We took our snickerdoodle to the next level!  Topped with caramel and cinnamon bavarian cream, this one is gonna be good!

PB Dream:  A crunchy peanut butter cookie with peanut butter cream and our famous chocolate ganache.  It’s so rich you won’t believe it’s keto!

Reese’s Whoopie Pie: Chocolate cookies with a peanut butter frosting rolled in homemade peanut butter cups.  Chocolate + peanut butter paradise!

Variety Pack: 2 Chocolate Chip, 2 Fluffernutter and 2 Twix.

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