Create Your Own Cupcakes & Cheesecakes Dozen To Ship Tuesday, June 29th

Create Your Own Cupcakes & Cheesecakes Dozen To Ship Tuesday, June 29th

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SHIP DATE:  Tuesday, June 29th

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12 Pack of Cupcakes and/or Cheesecakes  (3 of each flavor)

This is the perfect combo to get exactly what you are craving! Choose any four of the following:


Churro: One of the OG flavors, this cinnamon cake topped with vanilla buttercream and cinnamon sugar sprinkle will take you straight to Disneyland (or the Costco food court) from your pre keto days.

Lemon Blueberry: Lemon cake paired with a sweet blueberry frosting and drizzled with our house made lemon curd.  Bring on summer vibes!

Bavarian Cream: The closest keto treat to Boston Cream Pie, this vanilla cake with rich chocolate buttercream and our house made bavarian cream on top is a classic favorite

Raspberry Chocolate Chip: Who doesn’t love raspberries and chocolate?  Raspberry buttercream paired with a vanilla chocolate chip cake and chocolate chips on top.


Sunshine Lemon: This cookie screams summer, it’s a tangy lemon sugar cookie with dreamy lemon frosting.  It’s sure to brighten anyone’s day!

Turtle: Rich chocolate cookies topped with house made caramel, pecans, and ganache drizzle.  Delicious!

Brookie: Have a sweet craving but can’t decide whether to go for chocolate chip cookies or decadent brownies? Meet the Brookie. Half brownie half chocolate chip, 2 of your fav’s in one delicious cookie!

PB Chunk: This cookie is a little bit peanut-buttery, a lot chunk!  A cookie that has it all, chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, house made peanut butter cup pieces and a touch of peanut butter.  It’s sure to become a new favorite!

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