Create Your Own Cookie Packs to ship September 28th (12 cookies)

Create Your Own Cookie Packs to ship September 28th (12 cookies)

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SHIP DATE: Tuesday, September 28th

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The perfect option when you LOVE 2 flavors!

Two 6 packs of delicious Keto Cake Cookies delivered to your door. Choose from our 3 flavors, you will get 6 cookies for each choice for a total of 12 cookies.

Brookie: Have a sweet craving but can’t decide whether to go for chocolate chip cookies or decadent brownies? Meet the Brookie. Half brownie half chocolate chip, 2 of your fav’s in one delicious cookie!

Oreo: A rich chocolate cookie topped with creamy vanilla frosting stuffed with O-R-E-O cookie bits - ketofied!  You will love this delicious treat!

Twix: Back by popular demand! Our classic sugar cookie topped with house made caramel and chocolate frosting.  A perfect combo of caramel and chocolate!

Pumpkin Maple Pecan Whoopie Pie: Fall is in the air!  Two delicious pumpkin cookies filled with maple frosting and rolled in pecans. This will satisfy all your pumpkin cravings!

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