Life Changing Results With Keto

My Keto Journey began in November of 2016. It was the day my dad suffered a major heart attack.  He was only 64.  We almost lost him and it was devastating.  A few months later his heart doctor put him on the Keto diet and as a way of supporting him I started playing around with recipes for different Keto treats. That is how the recipes for Keto Cakes began! I have always loved to bake and cook so it was natural for me to do this as a way of supporting my dad.  Since then he has lost over 40 lbs and continues to lose weight.  In a way the Keto diet saved his life. Eventually as I saw his success I decided to give Keto a try myself.

I have tried every diet plan out there and have never felt as good as I feel eating keto.  I have more energy than ever before which has come in handy in keeping up with our business. I have lost 20 lbs and am still on my weight loss journey, but keto has given me a freedom with food that I have never known.  I love not being a slave to sugar and energy crashes.  I absolutely love eating this way!  My whole family has started eating less sugar and flour as a result and it is awesome!

In a way, the Keto diet saved his life.

I’m extremely grateful for the journey that the Keto diet has set me out on and happy that we have a part in reaching out and touching so many people's lives the way that we do, the way that Keto has impacted my life and my Dads. We’d love to know your stories too. Send them our way and together, let’s help others just like you and me.

Love Allie