It Takes Two To Keto

You know the familiar phrase, “It takes two to tango?” or “Life is better with a friend”? I think those should read “It takes two to Keto” or “Keto is better with a friend”. Wouldn’t you agree?

I know when I started on my Keto journey I was leaning on the knowledge of my good friend, Mandy. I could search Pinterest or Google all day and find loads and loads of info, but it’s just different when you can get the deets in person. I’m a hands on learner and a hands on keto-er. They can give you all of the tricks of the trade, and you can learn from their mistakes and victories. It’s super inspiring to find someone who has done it and will help you along the way.

It's super inspiring to find someone who has done it and will help you along the way.

When I was only losing a pound a week, Mandy cheered me on. “That’s normal. Stick with it. How are you FEELING?” She would say and ask. And I must admit I was feeling really good. Those talks from my cheerleader kept me going and pushed for those 1 pound a week weigh ins to add up to over 50 pounds in a year. Victory!

Nine months into Keto I realized my family was still eating lots and lots of sugar. I’m a mom of 3 and I was burnt out trying to make 2 meals a day…one keto and one not so Keto….and failing. So then again, I called on my favorite Keto friends and we put together a Keto freezer meal swap. I made 4 meals, and they made 4 meals, and all of the sudden I had 16 Keto meals in my freezer, ready to crockpot and ready to feed my family. My kids don’t know that they Keto most of the time, but they are happy to have dinner and happy to eat it too. Win win!

In January my husband jumped on the Keto bandwagon and that was a game changer! Now we talk Keto, eat Keto, breathe Keto and live Keto. It’s a bonding experience to lose weight together and slay goals side by side.

Now we talk Keto, eat Keto, breath Keto and live Keto

So if you are just starting Keto, half way through your Keto adventure or just maintaining Keto, find a friend to teach you, cheer you on, recipe share, and live Keto with you! It makes it so much more enjoyable! Now I have a band of Keto sisters and brothers (family, friends, Keto Cakers) that inspire me and keep me going everyday!


Keto On! ~Jessie