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If we are what we eat... we are awfully sweet!



We create decadent cupcakes! What’s your super power? Cue up the brownie points, because here at Keto Cakes, we bake fresh, low carb, gluten free cupcakes that will melt your heart and your sweet (taste) buds – trust us – this is love at first bite. That’s right, you can have your cake AND Keto too!



Life is sweet, and this is even sweeter. Ladies (and Gents), you don’t have to take to the kitchen with your baker’s cap on, we do the work for you and deliver our cakes to an area near you. Check out our schedule for pick up times and locations along the Wasatch Front. Pure love made edible.


Coming Soon.

For those moments when you simply don’t feel like #adulting – trust us, we know the feeling – we’ve got the solution. Keto-friendly cupcakes shipped right to your doorstep! (Why yes – please!) Life is short, sometimes we just need to eat our dessert first. Shipping COMING SOON!

Our Team

Hi, we’re Jessie and Allie, best friends, neighbors, Keto-loving eaters and founders of Keto Cakes. After living the Keto lifestyle for a few months, we realized you couldn’t buy a yummy, fresh, low carb treat to curb that sweet tooth.  So, Allie went to baking and Jessie went to researching, and we put our love for sweet sensations into this fun, Keto-friendly cupcake business called Keto Cakes.  Low carb, gluten free treats, delivered locally, right here in Utah.

Outside of Utah? Don’t worry, we may still have a chance to earn those brownie points, our shipping capabilities are coming soon. So, keep calm and Keto on!

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Life is Sweet...
Eat more cupcakes!

Have your cake & Keto too